What is acupuncture ?


Acupuncture is a medical technique born in China more than 3000 years ago and applied today throughout the world. The acupuncturist uses a variety of tools (fine needles, moxa sticks for instance) to ensure free circulation of qi, blood and liquids. Whenever those three substances circulate freely, a healthy state of body and mind is maintained. When circulation is hindered, disease arises in many forms : stiffness, pain, respiratory and digestive disfunction, hormonal imbalances and other pathological changes. Some of those can also have repercussions on the psychological and emotional levels : one will then suffer from stress, anxiety disorder, depression or insomnia. The acupuncturist will then intervene with appropriate treatment to reestablish free circulation and prevent symptoms from reappearing. To determine the true nature of the illness, the acupuncturist examines an individual's whole state of being and works with him or her to identify the source of the illness, wether it is related to eating habits, working conditions, emotional experience or general lifestyle.



What is shiatsu ?


Shiatsu is a therapeutic method based on the same theoretical system used in acupuncture. However, in shiatsu pressures applied with the hands, elbows and sometimes even knees are used instead of needles. A variety of stretching and mobilisation techniques are added to complete the treatment.



… and shiatsupuncture ?


Shiatsupuncture is an integration of shiatsu and acupuncture. Nothing new then, but a way to combine what each technique does best, wich results in more varied diagnostic tools as well as therapeutic options adapted to each individual's unique condition. Be that as it may, to really understand how those ancient medical arts can help us unlock the healing power that rests within, one can only experience them and see for him or herself.